The North Pole Hot Air Balloon Expedition Crew

Joe Wolff, Debbie Schreiber Harding, Rick Schimpf

Hot Air ballooning is a second job for Rick Schimpf, from West Vincent, which he enjoys very much. He has been involved with ballooning for approximately five years. He has flown with Air Ventures in East Africa, Australia, France and Canada. He likes climbing, (conquered Mt. Kilimanjaro) biking, meeting new people and going new places. He has two sons, Zack, 12 and Dyllan, 8. He loves flying balloons and the good clean fun that goes along with it. Rick has learned the more mechanical parts of ballooning and therefore he will serve as crew chief during this event.

Joe Wolff from West Chester has been a part of Air Ventures crew for 7 years. Joe has traveled with Air Ventures to East Africa, Canada, Jamica and France. When not ballooning, Joe works as a Business Software Consultant. Joe likes ballooning for its outdoor activity and the adventure it provides. Joe's main job on this trip is to provide the computer communication between Russia and the Web site.

Pilot Debbie Schreiber Harding originally from Devon, resides currently in West Vincent, has been flying balloons commercially for over ten years in beautiful Chester County. She has climbed Mt. Kili, in Africa, trekked the Mt. gorilla in Zaire and now wishes to fly over the top of the world in her balloon. She has organized ballooning trips to East Africa, Jamaica, France and Australia and Canada.

Flight Packages

Hot Air Balloon Flight Package

One Hour Flight - $229.00

Traditional Champagne Toast One Hour Flight. Pricing is per person.

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Hot Air Balloon Flight Package

Dinner Flight - $269.00

One hour hot air balloon flight including full course dinner at local restaurant. Pricing is per person.

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Hot Air Balloon Flight Package

Signature Souvenir Flight - $329.00

One hour hot air balloon flight & portrait session while balloon is being setup. Includes custom prints. Pricing is per person.

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We offer a number of Hot Air Balloon Flight Package Plans, pricing is per person. Click here to review the traditional, romantic, dinner and overnight plans.

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