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What should I wear?

We recommend clothes suitable for a walk in the country depending on the time of year and on the specific day you are flying. Generally warm, comfortable layers are a good idea, plus hat as burners can feel warm. Depending on conditions, sensible shoes or trainers are essential. 
Usually passengers are happy to help with the inflation and deflation of the balloon which most people really enjoy. This is much appreciated because it helps to make the process much quicker for everyone. So we also recommend you wear clothes which you don't mind getting a little dirty. No designer wear, flip-flops or high heels please as we are unable to accept responsibility for any damage to clothing and anyone who is dressed inappropriately may not be allowed to fly.

Can I bring a Camera?
Yes you can! We recommend some binoculars too! We have profession photography included packages available as well.
How long is the flight?

A hot air balloon ride with us lasts for around an hour, depending on prevailing weather conditions and suitability of landing sites, but you should allow at least three hours for the entire experience.

Where do you fly from?

We have over 6 balloon launch sites. Depending on the wind conditions, the launch site will be decided by the pilot.

Do you have pick up and drop off service?
We have a pickup and drop service from the common meeting point i.e. 2904 Conestoga Rd., Glenmoore, PA 19343 which is included in the Ticket price.
When do you fly?
We schedule hot air balloon rides at Sunrise and 2 hrs before Sunset, seven days a week during the ballooning season which is April to December.
Why don't you fly during the day?
During the day, the sun heats the ground which in turn heats the air above causing thermals or columns of rising air. These thermals cause updrafts and downdrafts which affect a pilot’s ability to safely control the altitude of a hot air balloon. Lower temperatures in late October mean these conditions are not as common which allows day flights to take place.
What time do I need to be at the pick up point?

These are some approximate meeting times depending on the changing Sunrise & Sunset timings. You will be given the exact meeting time when you call the flight confirmation line.

Morning Flights: 5:30 am
Evening Flights: 4:30 pm

How high/far do we fly?

Sometimes up as high as 3,000 feet - although this depends on instructions from the Air traffic control of the Airports. It does vary from area to area and time of the year flown. Even at a few hundred feet the views are incredible and over 1,000 you can start to see for miles!

Hot air balloons can’t be steered in the normal sense so they travel on the wind with skilled pilot’s controlling the altitude by heating the air inside the balloon. How far you’ll fly depends on the wind speed. It also depends on how long it takes the pilot to find a suitable landing spot. You could fly a relatively short distance or as far as 6-8 Miles.

Where do we land?

Hot air balloons can’t be steered so they travel on the wind and you never know where exactly you’re going to land. The pilot will start looking for a suitable landing site after around 45 minutes. The retrieval crew will track the balloon on the ground and aim to arrive shortly after landing.

What is a landing like?

Flying in a balloon is a very serene experience while in the air, but it is an adventure activity in the great outdoors and sometimes on landing the basket can tip and/or drag along before coming to rest. This is how balloons have been landing for over 200 years and is perfectly normal. The balloon and basket are designed for your comfort and safety throughout the flight. During landing you will be in the safe, seated landing position within the basket as instructed by your pilot. The landing is an exciting part of the experience and in many cases people say it is their favorite part of the flight.

Can spectators come to watch?

Spectators are welcome but please let them know that there may not be toilets or other facilities at the launch site. We would not recommend that spectators try to follow the balloon by road for safety reasons. Passengers will be transported back to the Pickup Point after the flight, around 3 hours after the initial meeting time.


Is Hot Air Ballooning safe?

Hot air ballooning is an extremely safe activity which is highly regulated with strict safety guidelines. We are licensed by the FAA and all of our hot air ballooning pilots hold full commercial pilot’s license. We also use the latest equipment and have the most modern fleet of balloons.

What is your insurance?

Sky Waltz is insured for public and employers liability, so if you fly with us you don’t need to worry about insurance.

How many passengers fit in a balloon?
We have multiple balloons that have various sizes of baskets which can carry from 2 to 6 passengers at a time. All the balloon baskets are comfortable for the designated number of passengers so you get space and can enjoy an intimate experience with your guest.
Can anyone fly?
In order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone who flies, passengers must be satisfied they are physically able to take part in the experience. This means that they can climb in and out over the sides of the basket (which is about 42 inches or 1.1m high), stand unassisted for an hour and adopt the bended knee seated landing position. Passengers must also be able to fully understand and follow all instructions given by the pilot and react quickly to them in the unlikely event of an emergency. Under Civil Aviation Law the balloon pilot has a duty of care for all passengers and, ultimately, it is their decision if someone is able to safely participate on the day. Please see the sections on age & weight restrictions, medical conditions, pregnancy and disability below.
Is there an age or weight restriction?

Children must be over and at least 48 inches tall. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. We know that our passengers come in all shapes and sizes, but due to weight and space restrictions of hot air balloons and baskets.

Can I fly if I'm pregnant?
Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we are unable to fly women who are pregnant. However, if you become pregnant when you already have a voucher, we will extend the validity until after you've had the baby. All you need to do is contact us and provide us a copy of your MAT B1 form which you will receive from your midwife.
What if I have a medical condition?
All passengers should be sure they do not have any pre-existing medical conditions which could be affected by the ballooning experience or could prevent them from safely taking part and should seek professional medical advice if unsure. You must not fly if you are suffering from any significant medical condition or if you have recently undergone major surgery. We require you to tell us about any medical or physical condition that could be considered to affect your safety or the safety of others. We may request a certificate of fitness to fly from a doctor or specialist.
Can someone with a disability fly?
We make every effort to ensure people with disabilities have the opportunity to participate in balloon flights with us wherever it is possible and safe to do so. As everyone’s particular situation is different and some disabilities present greater challenges than others in the unique context of ballooning, we require you to tell us about any disability before purchasing a flight voucher or booking a flight. This is so we can best advise you; consider any necessary arrangements to accommodate you, if we can safely do so, and to ensure we fully attend to our duty of care for all passengers’ safety. We can provide information about disabled facilities at specific launch sites on request. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we are unable to fly anyone who requires a wheelchair.
How big is the hot air balloon?

Our hot air balloons are big and, once inflated, tower at over 70-90 ft tall.

Can I fly the balloon?

No, our pilots are all licensed, qualified and highly experienced and we think it's best to leave the actual flying up to them. However, they will be happy to answer questions about how they got into flying balloons and how it all works.


What if I want to cancel or change my flight?

You can reschedule the flight up by emailing at flights@air-ventures.com at least 7 days prior to the flight date. After these times you will need to attend the flight.

Why would a flight be cancelled?

The weather is our friend because it is what makes every flight unique but, unfortunately, we cannot control it (no matter how hard we try). This means sometimes pilots will cancel/postpone flights because the weather conditions are not safe to fly in. 
Our pilots are all highly experienced and they decide whether it is flyable. We are not allowed to question a pilot’s judgment as this could be seen as pressuring them to fly which could compromise safety.
 Our pilots put your safety first at all times. When cancelling/postponing a flight, either on the flight line beforehand or occasionally on site, the pilot will usually try to offer some explanation as to why. Our pilots make their decision to fly based on the most relevant and up to date forecast available just before they set their flight line message. Sometimes the actual conditions may be different to what was forecasted. There are also different forecasts and they can be interpreted in different ways. So, like all weather people, we do occasionally make mistakes but unfortunately we can only go by what the forecaster says and some forecasters are better than others. We can tell you some of the general reasons why a pilot may cancel a flight:

The weather looked nice and sunny so why was it cancelled?

  • The wind at ground or gradient level or the gust speed might have been too strong and outside operational limits.
  • Rain may have been forecasted in the area. We cannot fly in rain because it means there will be poor visibility and it also makes the balloon heavier to fly. Getting a balloon envelope wet can lead to damage.
  • Thunderstorms or CB (Cumulonimbus) clouds may have been forecasted. These are dangerous and we would not fly in their vicinity.
  • If yours was a morning flight, the visibility early in the morning during our flight period could have been poorer than later in the day.
  • There may have been a wind direction which would have taken the balloon towards something unsuitable, like a large town or restricted airspace.
I saw another balloon in my area, so why was mine cancelled?

For many reasons:

  • Our pilot’s decision whether to fly is not related to what other balloonists decide. Our pilots consider all the weather factors and make their own decision, always putting your safety first.
  • The other balloon could have had better shelter at take-off from the wind on that particular wind direction.
  • It might be a private balloon and they can legally fly in much poorer visibility than balloons on public transport licence like ours. Private balloons are also generally a lot smaller and therefore easier to inflate and land.
What happens if my ride is cancelled?
Don't worry, if your flight is cancelled because of the weather or related factors, you can just book onto another date. Plus if you have a cancelation near the end of your voucher validity period we will extend it free of charge at our discretion so you have another opportunity to fly.

How do I find out if my flight is happening?

Once you have a voucher and book onto a specific flight, you will receive a booking confirmation. This will include your dedicated flight line phone number which the pilot will update to let you know if the flight is going ahead, if it is being moved to a back-up site and any other important information. If it is a morning flight you will call the night before and if it is an evening flight you will call in the afternoon on the day.

If you have a morning flight please call: between 7-9pm the day before.

If you have an evening flight please call: 12pm-2pm the day of your flight.

In the unlikely event that the flight line is not updated within 30 minutes after these times, you can call the pilot on the emergency number which will also be provide on your booking confirmation.


What is the difference between our vouchers and packages

Everyone who flies with Air-Ventures receives the same fantastic 3 to 4 hour experience. Our flight vouchers vary in terms of flexibility i.e. when you want to be able to fly, morning or evening, weekday or weekend and exclusive merchandise or additional gift products.

Do I get photos or videos with my flight?

No, Photograph & videos packages can be purchased at an additional cost. You can use your mobiles and cameras to click as many pictures and videos as your want to.

Do you have any merchandise available?

Yes, We do have hats, shirts and coffee mugs for sale. Which can be purchased at an additional cost after the ride.

If you have any other questions please contact us and we will be happy to answer them!

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One hour hot air balloon flight including full course dinner at local restaurant. Pricing is per person.

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Signature Souvenir Flight - $519.00

One hour hot air balloon flight & portrait session while balloon is being setup. Pricing is per person.

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